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How can you be a musician and not write your own music?

The only thing the people in the music biz today can call themselves is “entertainers”. How can you say you love music, music is your life, when all you do is stand in a booth and sing 12 songs that someone else wrote and you have NO connection to? And don’t get me started on that “co-write” crap. You know all that means is you sat with someone and maybe told them a few thoughts about your life and they wrote the whole song for you.

What I think is, if you TRULY love music, if you truly have a passion for it, you’d be able to write your feelings down and put it to a melody. Yes, it takes practice but if it’s what you love, then you keep doing it and you get better at it.

At best, most of the people charting right now could say they love to sing and they love to perform, but don’t call yourself an artist. Please. And you should be thanking your song-writers in your Grammy speeches, because without them writing catchy tunes for you, you wouldn’t even have a career.

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